Our Work!

Highly dedicated creative brains behind the House Of Craig brand is a three man show & growing directed with abilities to change what you bring to them to a world class product.

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The Steak House


The Steak House is a Resturant opened in 2014 at Bram that we branded from scratch and the results speaks for themselves.

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Craig's Bar Grills


Craig's Bar was established in 2015 with branded perfection as is an up market coffe shop with a classy target market.

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Calvin Haynes


Calvin Haynes was established as a clothing brand for the young and elite of our youth culture the clothing brand which is still in the making

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Thirsty which gave birth to Calvin haynes is one brandd which has been running since 2014 and now more demanded than ever.

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Media Cafe


A Production company which we established in 2010 and still going strong with a huge client base all over South Africa.

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Established as a music brand is now an event organising company which is been around for more than five years now and going.

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Future Projects

House Of Craig blends creativity and integrated communication strategies to create, enhance and reposition start-up and established brands, products and services with the overall objective to increase sales for our clients. The end result is world-class print, digital and graphic work with an edge to compete internationally.


Recent Projects

With recent projects we have put our focus on aspects which are not related to creative media only but covering every side of branding as well.


House of Craig's work is morely interactive with some of its clients background our company is reachable also via facebook. HOC website. Feel free to use it for your website.